Nimbella Account

Your Nimbella cloud account

Your Nimbella cloud account gives you the following benefits:

  • A dedicated and secure domain name for your cloud applications. If you need more, let us know.
  • Static front-end assets are automatically deployed to and served from a global CDN.
  • Back-ends you can run on demand, near-instantly. No servers for you to manage.
  • A secured data bucket to upload files. Limit access as needed.
  • Application state recorded in a Redis key-value store, with data accessible to all your back-end logic at extremely low latency.
  • Workflows you can build and the ability to orchestrate long-running tasks.
  • CLI and workbench tools to manage Nimbella services, build projects, and deploy your apps.

Once you create your first Nimbella Cloud namespace you are ready to login and run CLI commands and deploy projects to your Nimbella Cloud.