Deploy from GitHub.

What's nice about the Workbench is that you can deploy your projects directly from your GitHub repositories.

To deploy a project from a directory, run project deploy github:username/directory.

When deploying a project from GitHub, you have to specify that it's from GitHub by adding github: to the front of the project path, then add your username and then add /directory to specify which directory you want.

To deploy from a specific branch, run project deploy github:username/directory/tree/branch_name.

To run an example of a working project deploy command, run `project deploy github:nimbella/demo-projects/visits to deploy our page visitor demo app.

Note: If you get an error saying you don't have permission to deploy from GitHub, run this command: nim auth github --initial. This command will only work if you have a GitHub account, which you will need to acquire separately.

Limitations for deploying from GitHub.

Not all projects can be deployed from the Workbench.

  • Limitations: "If the project requires building the build will be run for you in the cloud. This may fail if the build exceeds the time limits or memory limits allotted by our remote build capability."

Get help.

Are you experiencing an issue with the workbench? Then please submit an issue to our GitHub account.