Export your function to your namespace.

Note: Unless you have an account with Nimbella, you will not be able to export functions to a namespace.

Once you've finalized the functionality you were building. You can export that code to your namespace.

  • Steps to follow:
    • Remove everything from the input parameters section
    • Click the Export Actions button at the top of the Playground.

Once you do that, you can go back to the Workbench, run action list and see that action inside your namespace.

Playground limitations.

The Playground is only for creating actions, testing them, and exporting them to your namespace. You cannot write front-end code using the Playground.

  • The record of what you’ve saved is specific to a machine and browser type.
  • If you don’t use the playground from that machine and browser for 30 days your playground actions are deleted.
  • You can retain at most 10 actions.
  • Actions must complete execution in 5 seconds.
  • Actions may not exceed 128mb of memory.
  • Actions are stateless: Nimbella does not provide key-value or object stores for playground actions.