Playground walkthrough.

The playground is an interactive environment where you can build and test serverless functions without having to create them with your namespace. You can access it by clicking on the playground button or type playground in the workbench.

To display display the menu in the Workbench, run help. To remove the menu, run clear.

What you can do in the Playground?

Select the right programming language for you.

At the top of the workbench you can click the button that says "JavaScript" and select from a wide range of programming languages. You can pick JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Swift, Java, Go, or PHP.

playground languages

Test your code by passing in arguments.

  • How to start testing:

    • Click the run button to run the command and test the output.

    • Change the value in input parameters to test the argument (For example, try changing “nimbella” to your name and see what happens)

      run commands in playground
    • Click the publish button to get a secure domain for the function. Paste that domain into your browser. Test the arguments by adding ?name=nimbella to the end of the URL.

      playground test publish button

Limitations of arguments.

When passing in arguments, the arguments must be a valid JSON object.