The Nimbella workbench

Many (though not all) nim commands will also run in your web browser, which wraps some graphical assistance around nim and provides some additional commands. This separate but closely related tool is called the Nimbella Workbench.

If you've never used the workbench (and assuming you are logged into a Nimbella account) you should enable the same Nimbella account on the workbench by opening it from the command line, as follows.

nim workbench login

This will open the workbench in your default browser and log you in there with the same Nimbella namespace credentials you are using locally (see Nimbella Namespaces). Those credentials will be remembered for that browser on the current machine. You can bookmark the workbench, or you can run it again with a particular command, as in the two following examples.

nim workbench run
nim workbench run action list

Once you are in the workbench, all nim subcommands are available except for these few.

action create
action update
object create
object get
project create
project watch
web create
web get
workbench login
workbench run

Those few commands are either inappropriate for the workbench or require filesystem access, which is unavailable in a browser.

When running in the workbench, the project deploy command can only deploy from GitHub, not from the local file system. If the project requires building as part of deployment, that build will be run remotely if possible (see Remote Builds). If the project configuration requires a local build, then the project cannot be deployed from the workbench.

The prefix nim is optional in front of workbench commands.

To transfer your credentials to the workbench running in a browser that is not the default browser, just visit the workbench there and type auth login. You will need to provide some of the information you provided when you opened your Nimbella account but a duplicate account will not be created. You will be connected to your existing account.